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Unpinterested! is a Chrome extension that allows you

to remove Pinterest from Google search results

removing pinterst results

Simple and unobtrusive

Unpinterested! aims to be as simple to use as impossible. With just the flick of a switch, you can immediately remove Pinterest from your search results. If you would like to see Pinterest results again, just flick the switch in the other direction.

removing pinterst results

Dont just hide results, block them from the source.

Instead of removing Pinterest from the page after they have been retrieved, Unpinterested! instructs Google to not return any results from Pinterest. This is important because that means any space that would have otherwise been taken up by Pinterest results is now occupied by other sites.

Take full control

By default, Unpinterested! will block Pinterest when you are searching for images. For total control, you can choose to block Pinterest from ALL searches.

What people are saying in the Chrome store

"I don't know who Sello Mkantjwa is, but they are my new hero. This makes image search productive again"

Linda Moskowitz

One for the community

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Unpinterested! is completely open source, so if you want to see exactly how it works or want to contribute to the project, you are more than welcome to do so.

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